Book Review: Those Terrible Middle Ages

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“Yes, folks, we have been lied to. The “Middle Ages” were a time of incredible art, rich cultural expression and solid tradition, and unparalleled freedom—especially for women!”

St. Catherine Catholic Culture Center

The Middle Ages is privileged material: one can say what one wants about it with the quasi-certitude of never being contradicted.

–Régine Pernoud

Book Review: Those Terrible Middle AgesNow the center of my studies on Catholic liturgical tradition, under my magnifying glass to determine what the phrase “Christian Culture” really means, the Age of Faith (a.k.a. Middle Ages) has become my obsession and object of envy. During the last few months I have read several books that have convinced me that everything I knew about them (which sadly wasn’t much) had been skewed and misrepresented. Of all the works I have lately read on this topic, the feisty prose of Régine Pernoud in Those Terrible Middle Ages!: Debunking the Myths is my absolute favorite.

This book really made me mad, as books that point out the errors of our modern thinking always make me mad at the culture I have been formed in.  Yes, folks, we have been lied to…

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