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Baptist History. That’s a rap!

This is a fun post.  Ashley Unzicker put together a rap on Baptist History last year after finishing a course on the subject at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, N.C.  Apparently she has written many raps but this one was a first. She was inspired by the professor and the subject.

At first she was not so thrilled about taking a class about long ago facts and lots of dates, but her tune soon changed:

“Wow, that’s why I believe what I believe,” said Unzicker, who recalled the moment Baptist history became more than a collection of dates and words in a textbook. 

She was also inspired by the many individuals mentioned in the rap, Baptists who made a difference through their faithfulness to Christ.

That’s what this history thing is all about. Discovering why you believe what you believe, and being encouraged in your own faithfulness by seeing the faithfulness of that great crowd of witnesses around us.

Every tradition needs a rap. If the Baptists can do that, why not the rest of us!  Who’s next?


Here is a link to the full story. And enjoy the video!